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'Latest Video'

Music: Two Thousand and Seventeen - Four Tet

Choreography & Concept: James Barry In association with Thinkbot Films

Directed by: Patrick Mazzolo

Cinematography by: Adam Williamson

Dancers: James Barry, Neale Whittaker, Aimee Whittaker, Hannah Stewart, Neven Connolly, Jordan Grant, Bradley Crockford, Mark Lace


'NRG Australia'

Phly Crew are in major support of NRG Australia’s exciting workshop events happening later in this year and the incredible opportunities it provides young Aussie dancers.

Head to the NRG Australia website and be sure to register for either:


'Bum Bag Bandits'

A combination of witty humour, A classic sing along soundtrack, Epic dancing and semi questionable costumes! this new show taps into the 70’s and 80’s babies hearts with timeless show stoppers such as ‘Love Shack’, ‘My Sharona’, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and many more! There will be tears from hysterics or nostalgia but either way this show is sue to leave the audience red faced and filled with ear worms for the rest of the night.





What is a phly crew?

When the first clown farted, for the first time, its fart broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of comedy.  Phly Crew was born in the heart of James Barry at the scene of a dance battle between Will Ferrall and Usher, when suddenly the pungent whiff of a Neale Whittaker dad joke skipped over to JB and Phly Crew began.  They pranced into the hip hop dance scene in 2010 with more colour than The Wiggles and more silly faces than Jim Carey.  Where most dancers spend their time channeling the likes of Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, Phly Crew seamlessly bring the spirit of John Cleese and Mr Bean to hip hop like only Aussies can.  Phly Crew stand out like a flamingo at an ostrich party, they look ridiculous, but everyone loves them!!!

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